The Gutmann technique was developed by Peter Gutmann in 1996 and is one of several software founded data sanitization approaches used in some file shredder plus data obliteration programs toward overwrite existing info on a hard drive otherwise another storing device.

Unlike while using the simple erase function, a hard drive using the Gutmann data cleansing method will stop all software founded file recovery approaches from finding info on the drive and is furthermore likely to stop most hardware founded recovery approaches from extracting info.

How Does the Gutmann Method Work?                                         

The Peter-Gutmann-Algorithmus usages a arbitrary character for the first 4 plus the last 4 passes, however then uses a compound pattern of overwriting from Pass 5 over Pass 31.

There is a long explanation of the unique Gutmann method, which comprises a table of the shapes used in each pass.

Is Gutmann Better Than Additional Erase Methods?

The consistent delete operation in your regular operating system just isn’t adequate for securely removing files, since it just marks that folder space as being bare so that another file could take its place. No file retrieval program would have a problem resuscitating the file.

Therefore, there are loads of data sanitization approaches you could use in its place, such as Secure Erase, DoD 5220.22-M,  or Random Data, however each of them is diverse in one way otherwise another from the Gutmann technique.

The Peter-Gutmann-Algorithmus differs from these other approaches in that it performs 35 passes above the data in place of just one or a few. The apparent question, then, is whether the Gutmann technique should be used above the alternatives.

The hard drives in usage at that time used diverse encoding approaches than the ones we use now, so most of the passes the Gutmann technique performs are totally useless for modern hard drives. Without knowing precisely how each hard drive stocks data, the best way to erase it is to use arbitrary patterns.

Every hard drive usages only one encoding technique to store data, thus what’s being said here is that whereas the Gutmann method might very well apply to numerous different types of hard drives that all use diverse encoding approaches, writing random data is all that actually needs to be done.

Software That Usages the Gutmann Method

There exist programs that remove a whole hard drive in addition to ones that remove specific files and folders only that could use the Gutmann method.

CBL Data Shredder, DBAN, and Disk Wipe are a few instances of free software that support the Gutmann technique for overwriting all the documents on an entire drive.

Several of these programs run from a disc whereas others are used from inside the operating system, thus you should select the right kind of program if you need to erase the main hard drive (e.g. the C drive) vs. a detachable one.

Most data obliteration programs support numerous data sanitization approaches in addition to the Gutmann technique, which means you could use the above programs for other erase approaches too.

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