Uncovering Four Common Myths And Misconceptions Related To COVID-19


Coronavirus is a life-threatening contagious disease that can rapidly transmit from one person to another by coming in touch with people. People have several misconceptions and myths in regards to this infection.

Believing in these myths can endanger the health of a person. It becomes essential to uncover these myths so that it doesn’t interfere with their safety. In this article, we are going to talk about these myths and bring you the real picture.

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Myth 1: COVID-19 is like any other flu

Coronavirus flu has taken numerous lives and is continuing to do it. Several developed nations have seen their damaging effects. While both the COVID-19 and the flu have the similarity of causing the respiratory ailment, they have some differences in them. Coronavirus binds itself to receptors present in the lower region of the airways. Dry cough accompanies with fatigue, and fever is the signs of COVID-19.

Though all these three symptoms also occur with other types of flu and viral infections, there is also felt body pains, muscle aches, and running nose in people who are infected from the flu. Pain and running nose is not a sign of COVID-19 infection. It is much more common in people with influenza.

Where the mortality rate linked to coronavirus is between 3 percent and 4 percent, it is less than 0.1% in the case of flu. Thus, it is clear that coronavirus makes us more susceptible to getting infected.

Myth 2: Only old people are likely to get affected by COVID-19

This is another very common and important myth related to COVID-19. Many people believe that as old people have low immunity levels, they are at higher chances of getting infected. The results obtained from the recent research have proved it wrong.

Though elders are at greatest risk for the development of infections, young people and adults are not entirely safe. From the data received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 29 percent of people who got infected in the US were in the age groups between 20 and 44 years.

Myth 3: There is no solution to coronavirus until its vaccine gets invented

It is going to take a year or more for the coronavirus vaccine to be ready and become available for people. However, we can do a lot on our part to cure us and prevent it from being spreading in the society.

It is necessary to focus on other medicines that potentially treat signs of COVID-19 and medicines that pacify the inflammatory response of the body towards infection.

Myth 4: The virus is the creation of people

It has been believed that there are some conspiracies by humans that have led to the spread of the disease by bats. The truth is that people ate bats that were infected with the virus, and by eating them they also got infected.

The planet is a small crowded place. Here, a person, however far he is, can directly impact your health too. We are all directly connected and are vulnerable to getting infected.


Coronavirus or COVID-19 has dangerously impacted several leading nations in the world. With the right information, implementing proper safety measures, and practicing social distancing we can protect each other’s life to a great extent.

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