Bluescreen IT Solutions for Easy Management and Less Administration


Bluescreen was founded in the year 2009. In 10 years, their vision to work with the customer-focus concept has made them successful. Delivering what customer needs has helped them expand their IT services and support to customized systems and cloud services.

Bluescreen IT solutions

Business opportunities

Use Kanban or Table view to get an idea of business leads or opportunities. In Kanban’s view, you can compile business opportunities at different stages using filters like users, business value, probability, etc.

Configure what you desire to be a visible and automatic change of status. It helps to monitor and plan the next step. Create templates for easy handling of the tasks, thus reducing the time needed for administration.

Create quotations directly from business opportunities and export them from the system without any need to re-type the information. As soon as, a quotation gets created it gets automatically linked with the specific business opportunity and this helps to track information with ease.

Time reporting and billing are conducted without any hassle. Just fill billable time and deadline because majority of things are pre-filled based on an existing business opportunity. The invoice document gets created automatically, which helps the administrative staff as well as lessens missed invoice risks. It is one of the best projektverktyg [project tools] that makes business management easy.

Quotation tools

Workcloud affärssystem & CRM allows the user to get an overview of every quote and their status. You can keep track of the number of ongoing, pending, and printed tenders. Add your own notes, texts, and relevant files to the quotation. The administration can set the fields that need to be visible and filled mandatorily.

Digital quotation offertverktyg [offered tools] are suitable for presenting online quotation to the customers through an encrypted link. The customers can directly deny or accept the online quotation. The number of times customers viewed the quotation in real-time can be seen. Quotation feedback allows the planning of the next marketing activity.

CRM system

The customer relationship management system is designed to generate statistics related to a customer’s behavior with ease. With workcloud CRM system, you get an opportunity to keep track of your business far and wide. It helps to enhance products and customer service. Customer satisfaction is crucial for future business growth.

The CRM system collects customer information like contact details, email address, past interactions, ongoing cases, agreements, follow-up, case status, etc. in one place. With a CRM system, you get customer feedback quickly, which helps to enhance customer experience that allows strengthening customer loyalty.

Single supplier for your company IT

If your company needs new network solutions, new computers, new printers, backup, a booking system, new meeting room projectors, software installation, wireless networks, business systems, camera monitoring, or IT operations, ‘Bluescreen’ is the supplier to approach. There is no need to call different vendors, call Bluescreen. A single number can resolve all your IT related needs.

Bluescreen also contributes to Go Green. They take care of recycling environmentally dangerous IT products in the right way.

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