Common Management Mistakes That Indicate You to Hire Google Ad Agency 


Google Adwords is a paid search program that advertisers use to display their brand before users coming in search of keywords they chose. For example, if you own a nursery business and you bid to display your ad every time a seeker types ‘Nursery in Sydney’.

It is also popular as PPC or pay-per-click, which has helped businesses increase their brand awareness. Ad performance can be monitored constantly to get an idea of which ad format is suitable and which one failed. Thus, you get an opportunity to tweak your campaign until optimal results are achieved.

Adwords can transform your business if done right. If done incorrectly, you will possibly need to spend significantly without getting anything for the efforts. It is wise to outsource your Adwords account management to Google ads Sydney to eliminate the stress and increase returns.

Generally, business owners who handle their Google ads account in-house get trapped in common issues like wasted spends and poor returns. Below are some signs that indicate you to outsource your online ad management.

Inadequate knowledge

Google Ads is not cheap, so many businesses stop using it as they cannot see any returns. The program is hard to optimize as well as understand. You cannot expect to get better results throwing more money.

However, there are your competitors who are investing consistently in Google Adwords and using it efficiently. This means they are getting good returns. The reason that Google Ads does not work for you is you are not applying the tools correctly.

Generally, all in-house Google Adwords account holders make the same basic errors that reveal their insufficient knowledge in configuring the tool effectively and productively.

  • Their campaign is structured poorly.
  • Short-tail keywords [e.g. shoes] are focused on, which is not efficient.
  • The keywords are not grouped with the theme like black shoes with blue shirts.
  • Not monitoring the ad performance.

Insufficient data

Online marketing is easily measurable and ROI can be estimated. Google Ads offers analysis but several businesses lack even the basic tracking strategy. If you are not keeping track of conversions and have not linked your Google ads account to Google analytics then your campaign will hardly bring success. You cannot efficiently –

  • Identify what ad works and what doesn’t?
  • Optimize landing pages and Google ads account to enhance performance.
  • Save dollars and increase your ROI.

Lack of commitment

Allowing the account to just tick along is bad because all the relevant aspects suffer due to a lack of commitment. Keyword usage needs research and if you use them randomly budget gets wasted. Besides, the ad quality also counts to get click-through rates. Poor quality ads mean poor CTRs, which negatively affect impression shares, quality scores, CPC, and finally ROI.

Account activity has to be consistent for your Adwords campaign to succeed. Advertisers, who optimize their Google ads account minimum once in a month do better than those who ignore for a long time. For small businesses PPC is hard to manage but a little learning curve can help them run ahead of their competitors.

Poor structure

Google ad optimization is an ongoing activity. To enhance ad performance, it is necessary to do a comprehensive audit and restructure. Reviewing business goal and audit of Google ads take time and competence. It is a huge barrier for non-professionals. Choose a reliable Google Adword Agency in Sydney!

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