How to Sell Music Online Successfully as an Unsigned Artist


Digitization and the Internet have made music accessible to different corners of the world and made it readily available to people worldwide. This trend has greatly benefitted new and aspiring talent.

If you are a musician who looks forward to beginning a flourishing career as an independent music artist, then the first essential step is to learn the way to sell your music online.

How do Independent music distributors help budding music artists to release their music?

Independent music distributors facilitate unsigned artists to announce their music online. These firms act as an intermediate/facilitator between unsigned musicians and major music platforms. With a wide range of services, they are considered to be the best way to sell music online.

You need to pay a small amount of fee to independent artists to send their music to a music distributor, make a strategy for a release schedule, and view how their music tracks are listed on the prominent online music platforms. By uploading your music on their website, you can get your music on Spotify.

How to select the right distributor?

Distributors work on different types of business models. Some automatically take a section of royalties, while other distributors allow music artists to keep 100%.

Some distributors offer various types of tools by major label artists to maximize royalties and sales that include SMS keywords and iTunes pre-release. It offers you new methods to sell your music. do research and find the right distributor to get the best service for your investment.

How to release your music?

Planning the release date and selecting the right platform is important to release the music on. Target the right set of audience to maximize your sales. Offering the facility of pre-orders of your music album can help in increasing sales as well as create excitement about your upcoming music release.

What are the features offered by MusicDigi?

MusicDigi is one of the most trusted platforms that help in distributing the musical talent for new and aspiring music artists throughout the world. With it, you can sell your music on Amazon and numerous other streaming channels such as iTunes/Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, TikTok, YouTube, Pandora, Deezer and more.

All you need is to upload your music tracks and release details and select from over a hundred music services to get it released.  Based on your preferences, they will send your music to digital stores and online streaming services in just 24 hours to 72 hours. MusicDigi provides a facility to its users to put music on Apple Music.

Once your music gets streamed or downloaded by any person all over the world, you get paid for it. The earnings are received in the MusicDigi account of the artist.


Getting musical creation for sale is a simple process. With the assistance of a trusted platform like MusicDigi, it becomes quite easy to sell it to your fans, online stores and streaming services that include Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify, in a hassle-free and affordable manner.

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