Often Asked Queries about Driving in Australia


Novice drivers often have many questions lined up as they are unaware of road rules followed in region, and they are likely to drive the vehicle. While fresh drivers seeking to drive in the Australia have many questions under their sleeve that need appropriate answers.

Here are the questions often asked by the drivers:

  • What is the general speed limit followed everywhere in the country?
    • It is normally 60km/hr in the city and outside on the highways it is 110km/hr.
  • What is the eligible age to drive on the Australian roads and the requirement to drive legally?
    • You should be above eighteen years of age and holding local driving licence while driving rented car as a visitor. While you are planning to stay in Australia for few years then apply for international driving license after six months of obtaining local driving license. Yes, you will be required to pass certain driving tests to obtain the license.
  • What are the criteria set to rent a car to drive on my own?
    • You need to be 21 years old.
    • You need to have driving licence of local authorization or of international driving permit.
    • Few rules are blended suiting the local car renting agency, thus drivers under the age of twenty-five years may need to pay extra rental charges.
  • Are Australian roads safe to drive?
    • It depends on many facts like the region where you prefer to drive.
    • Your skill driving vehicles even on rough roads present outskirts of the city.
    • On highways, you need to be aware of animals like kangaroo jumping before your vehicle all of a sudden.
    • You can go for long drives without any issues as there are gas filling stations and food joints along the highway roads.
    • The traffic instructions are given at the side of roads, thus there won’t be any problem while driving on even unknown roads.
  • Will it be suitable for us to rent motor homes?
    • Yes, surely you can if you have the required permits to drive safely.
  • Will it be alright to own a car in Australia?
    • Surely you can buy a car however you need to abide by the rules of the whole process of buying vehicle imposed by local road traffic authorities.

Many Australians and other country citizens working or studying in the country feel the need to have driving lessons from reputable driving class tutorials. They have few questions to ask to choose the best among the lot of driving classes.

Here are the questions:

  • Do they have any packages suitable for students?
    • Yes, most of the well recognised training institutes do have multiple packages suiting the varied needs of their students.
  • Are the drainers certified to train fresh drivers?
    • Yes, of course as reputable driving classes would prefer every candidate to drive like professionals.
  • Will they help in learning written driving tests like hazards perception test?
    • Of course, no worries as you will be fully trained before the due time of writing tests to acquire your driving license.

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