Things to Consider Before Applying for Short Term Loan


Long term loans like car and home mortgage are popular. It allows borrowers to borrow huge amounts and repay it with interest across several years. There are even short-term loans that people can look for to help them for a variety of reasons like paying minor repairs or emergency medical bills to vacation and travel. Both long- and short-term loans work similarly with a little difference associated with collateral and interest. The interest rates may be higher than you expect.

At Loanpig, you get short term loans with transparent terms and conditions. Before you apply go to website and look at how it works. Let’s understand short term loans and what to consider.

Short term loan – definition

In general, a short-term loan is referred to as those that are expected to get repaid within one year from the date it was taken out. The repayment terms can differ greatly depending on the amount and repayment period. The common duration of the short-term loan is 3 to 9 months.

Things to consider

  • Collateral – Short term loans are associated with small amounts and the collateral value does not need to be high valued like in long term loans. The majority of short-term loans are unsecured. If they need collateral, then the security is low valued. Many borrowers use their car as collateral for getting short term loan.
  • Interest rate – The variables used to determine the short-term loan interest rate is the amount borrowed, the duration, and whether there is collateral or not used as a guarantee for loan repayment on-time. Remember, the interest will be not even close to what you would repay for a 5 to 10-year loan. Low-interest rate is great but short-term and the high-interest rate is acceptable.
  • The lender – The chosen lender will pay a crucial role. Banks, financial institutions, online lenders are considered for long as well as short term lenders. Many loan types are offered and some of them are also aimed at short-term borrowers. Do your research and shop around. Find what different lenders can offer.

Ensure to consider a licensed lender even if you have to pay a little high interest. Remember, it will not make any difference as you will have to make a few debt repayment installations before payment is done in full.

  • Terms & conditions – Read the T&C involved in the loan contract to ensure everything is transparent and clear. Sometimes, small clauses integrated within the agreement can increase interest rates in specific circumstances. Get every doubt cleared before signing.
  • Loan amount – Never consider the amount you want to borrow as a simple factor. It is practical to get the necessary amount instead of any extra funds. Some lenders allow flexible amounts as a loan but the more the money the more interest you will need to pay along with the increased installments.

You will also need to consider your timely payment capability. Payment delays can affect your credit score. A borrower must always be cautious in maintaining their credit-worthiness via on-time debt repayment. A good debt repayment history will increase your probability of getting a loan from the same lender with less interest in the future.

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