Key Factors To Compare And Select The Best VPS Hosting


VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are the two very popular types of hosting methods available. To make the selection between them, a website owner has to know on what grounds do they differ. The comparison between the two hosting solutions will prove to be extremely beneficial for the web owners to make the right choice for their web portal.

In this article, we are going to compare both these hosting methods to help you find which one would be ideal for your use.

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How Does A Dedicated System Differ From A VPS?

Dedicated web hosting is a type of system wherein the owners assign their resources that are not shared by other individual servers. On the contrary, the Virtual Private Servers can be viewed as an arrangement wherein several virtual hosting servers are formed and then assigned to different website owners.

In VPS hosting, each virtual server gets the same features as provided by a dedicated server, except the ability to change the kernel. There are main two types of VPS hosting as unmanaged and managed VPS hosting.

Factors To Compare Between Dedicated And VPS Service

Website Hosting and control

In both the VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, the website owner is in the charge of managing all the resources. In this way, users enjoy unlimited flexibility and freedom.

Hardware Requirements

The dedicated servers provide an absolute hardware setup to the owners. There is no sharing of resources with any other web server. In the case of VPS hosting, more than one website owner shares the hardware. This type of hosting enables multiple web-hosting servers to execute on an individual hardware setup.

Cost requirements

Dedicated hosting packages are believed to the most expensive hosting solution as a dedicated hardware setup is assigned to an individual website owner. VPS hosting plan, on the other hand, is an economically priced web hosting plan as here the resources are shared among multiple web servers.


The VPS hosting services are highly complicated in comparison to the dedicated web hosts. The performance offered by these hosting solutions is highly comparable.


Both the VPS and dedicated web servers provide a high level of security to its users as each setup is completely isolated in both the hosting solutions.


The biggest factors that can help you determine whether you should opt for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting are root access needs, bandwidth availability, and pricing.

If your business is expanding and you need dedicated bandwidth and root privileges at a low price, then VPS hosting is the best option to consider. Based on the comparison of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, you can form the right choice for your business’ requirements and needs.

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